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Honey Ribs Spice Blend 20 g

Prymat Honey Ribs Spice Blend is an excellent combination of herbs and spices, specially crafted for rib dishes, providing a unique aroma and color to the meal. Honey ribs offer a perfect blend of flavorful meat with the distinctive sweetness of honey, allowing the fullness of pork flavor to shine through. The garlicky note complements the taste of the roasted ribs, bringing the meat’s flavor to life. Thanks to the addition of spicy chili and warming ginger, the ribs will have a more pronounced taste. Meanwhile, sweet paprika will perfectly revive the color and add an appetizing hue to the honey ribs. Prepared this way, they will be crispy, juicy, incredibly tasty, and aromatic.

Brand: Prymat
Weight: 20 g

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