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Marjoram 8 g

Kamis’s dried marjoram is a spice made from the dried leaves of garden marjoram, harvested during flowering. This plant is native to the Middle East and is cultivated almost worldwide. Marjoram is a typical spice in Mediterranean countries. The spice has a characteristic aroma and a slightly pungent taste.

In Polish cuisine, it is most commonly used in the production of homemade sausages, seasoning meat dishes, sauces, roasts, stuffings, pâtés, vegetables, soups (such as pea soup, bean soup, potato soup, eel soup, sour soup, tripe soup), dumplings, and mushroom dishes. To enhance the aroma, marjoram is often used together with thyme, especially when a low-salt diet needs to be maintained. The way marjoram is used depends on the type of dish. Meats and sausages are seasoned before roasting or cooking, while the rest is added in the final stage of their preparation.

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