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Potato Spice Blend 25 g

To enhance the flavor of potatoes, Prymat has prepared a special blend of original herbs, spices, and dried vegetables that gives dishes made with them a unique, bold taste and aroma. The mixture includes high-quality ingredients such as salt, garlic, coriander seeds, sweet paprika, onion, cumin, marjoram, as well as dill leaves and seeds. Potatoes have a very neutral taste, so it’s necessary to give them a distinctive flavor note. Salt is, of course, an indispensable spice for potatoes. It can be added to baked, fried, or boiled potatoes. Depending on the dish potatoes are paired with, you can enrich them with the flavor and aroma of herbs, dried vegetables, and spices contained in Prymat’s Potato and French Fries Spice Blend.

Brand: Prymat
Weight: 25 g

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